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Silly Billy Goat Farm, LLC

Breeding Exceptional Nigerian Dwarf Goats

ADGA, NDGA, AGS registered

Silly Billy Farms Boris

Goat, Nigerian Dwarf, Buck (male) | Black and white

ADGA# D1902911 | DOB: 5/24/2017 (2 yrs)

Livin My Dream TD Bada Bing

ADGA, NDGA, AGS registered

Livin My Dream TD Bada Bing

Nigerian DwarfBuck (male)Gold and White
ADGA# D1814232DOB: 6/11/20163 yrs
Very sweet buck,ready to breed your does. ADGA, NDGA and AGS registered. Biosecurity panel came back negative, entire herd was tested October 2018
 ADGA# D1814232 Gold and White

ADGA, NDGA, AGS registered


Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)Broken Buckskin, Blue Eyes
ADGA# D1673108, NDGA# DOB: 3/12/20145 yrs
 ADGA# D1673108, NDGA#  Broken Buckskin, Blue Eyes


Blue eyes and blond bangs! Very friendly and handsome fella.Partial horns due to incorrect disbudding, it doesn't bother him at all but would prefer to sell him to a heard with horns.
*** Biosecurity panel (JOHNE'S, CL, CEA) came back NEGATIVE October 2018, tested with SAGE AG Labs

Updated 5/22/2019